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See our 4 steps for cash banner below to see just how easy selling junk cars to our junkyard can be. We guide you through he process of making quick cash for junk cars in Orlando, FL and all surrounding areas. Keep reading for a story for you about one of our clients that was in dire need of our automotive buying services.

He called us on July 2nd, 2016. He stated that after calling numerous junk auto removal companies in Florida, only one offered over $75 for his 87 Toyota Camry.
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Guess what? We doubled that last junk vehicle removal offer and paid him $150 in cash and picked up his old car within an hour. We also gave an option to deliver it to us for $200. (Prices may change daily)

If you are struggling to find the right price for your used, junk or wrecked vehicle, let us appraise your junk vehicle for free.

Orlando Junk Car Buyers

has been buying cars in Orlando for over 20 years! Just how much is your salvage, scrap or junk auto worth? Give us a call and find out in 2 minutes or less! We may need your VIN if you are missing the title.
Be sure to actually know what kind of car your have(year, make, model). We cannot give accurate offers when you say "How much you pay for junk car? I don't know what kind, it's a junk car."
to get your free junk vehicle appraisal with no obligation. Orlando Junk Auto Buyers works around the clock, 24 hours a day to be around when you need our cash for auto Kissimmee, Melbourne, & Daytona services the most.
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People often wonder what happens to their junk auto after it is sold and bought by our salvage & junk yard. We break down the vehicle, safely removing all of the harmful liquids and gases.

Then, the vehicle shell is crushed and compacted and then shredded into fine pieces and recycled / melted to make new automobiles. If you want to know more about this subject, we suggest searching for vehicle salvage on Wikipedia.

This will give you an insight on how automotive recycling and cash for junk cars works. Basically we strip the car down to the base components while draining all of the hazardous fluids, gases and elements from the old vehicle and then we can proceed to the fun part, CRUSH TIME!

Some clients wonder why we crush their car with all the good parts still on it. If we had another 100 acres of land to store all those junk cars to wait for someone to need a part for a 89 Thunderbird, then it wouldn't be an issue.

Space is limited and we need to make way for the new batch of used vehicles that are in demand for parts.

Let's move on to the real reason that you are visiting us today. Cash for cars Orlando. Hey now! Don't assume we are only serving Orlando. The farthest we will go is Clearwater, Ocala, Palm Coast, and Lakeland. You're talking about a 100 mile radius from the center of Orlando, FL.

Even if we cannot pickup your junk vehicle, we can still refer you to a location that purchases junk cars near you in any part of Florida. When we refer you to another location, please remember that they have their own regulations and their steps may vary from ours.

That's huge. Even if your old vehicle doesn't have tires, is missing the roof or is covered in rust, we will still handle the job professionally and quickly. Cash is everyone's friend, call us to make more friends!

There's still more meat to our junk car buyer services. We also own and operate a few local junkyards in central Florida. Yes, we are the real deal. Let's say you sell us your car, we have a coupon for that!

cash for old car coupon discountClick the image above and press Control + P to print or Command+P for Mac to print this coupon.

This offer is valid for one time only. Not applicable for used cars, or any items over $100. In order to we will need the date that your junk car was sold to our business. Our Orlando auto salvage yard is available for entry 7 days a week.

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- Legit, Licensed and Professionally Trained Automotive purchasing specialists in Central Florida and beyond.

Check the scrap vehicle buyers Blog for additional info on junk car removal services, cash for used cars, and our junk car buying and appraisals.

Expect more money paid to you with our salvageyard services. There are many typical auto buyers in your local neighborhood & city, however, most cannot compete with our scrap car purchasing prices since Orlando Junk Car Buyers is not a middle-man.

We cover all of Central Florida when it comes to buying junk cars, trucks and vans with a high customer satisfaction rate and uncontested junk car removal service.